Sound Traits have been writing and releasing professional music for a few years, we write music that will speak to your target market, and your audience. Helping you resonate with  your target  audience through the right music to match your brand identity  is our specialty.  

Our customers range from the corporate business right through to most creative of individuals, artists, radio presenters, Youtubers, motivational speakers, fashion labels and creatives far and wide, from across the whole globe. Businesses and individuals just like you, reading this. 

  • Social Media content - e.g. backdrop music for short video's (Youtube/Instagram). 
  • Intro music for YouTube and other video platforms. 
  • Podcast music. 
  • Drops and links for radio. 
  • Music for TV and Radio advertisements. 
  • Audiobook backdrop music. 
  • Corporate logo jingles - unique and identifiable! 
  • Full length track creation. 

Businesses and individuals just like yours. 

We have returning customers from the UK, Asia, America, Africa, and Across Europe... In fact you can find SoundTraits music and production services being sold across multiple on-line and offline platforms. The more we tell, the more we sell. The more we show, the more tracks go! 


    Businesses use music to speak to their customers globally; Music transcends all language barriers. Music needs no translation when building brand identity.”

    — Soundtraits

    Ben was quicker than expected with the delivery and produced a very nice jingle for me. Wonderful work, thanks a lot!”

    — Karl ruben (Corporate client, Canada)


    The mission 

    Sound Traits 100% original music compositions, must embody your vision, enhance your project, and speak to your target audience

    We pride ourself on delivering a music creation service that far outreaches your expectations.  

    Our passion is making ear-friendly music, for our clients. We work with them to feel the fabric of what they are trying to achieve, to get a texture and share the vision with them, as part of their vision.   

    People and businesses just like you come to Sound Traits with a vision, examples, vibes, and dreams of sounds they need for their musical needs on any project. Putting our 20 years of passion for music to work, we will deliver fast, effectively, and reliably every time.  

    All of our music is made organically, not outsourced, created 100% by Sound traits, for you. We can turn work around in as little as same day from our studio in certain scenarios, and depending on the project delivery times are usually 3-7 days.  We understand the pace of fast moving business.

    We  look forward to hearing from you,   

    Ben @ Sound Traits. 

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